Goodfocus adds experience and good looks with two new partners / by Daniel Stephens

This is an auspicious week in Goodfocus-world. We have brought two new partners into the production company, Mark F. Booker and Nancy E. Steiner. Their arrival creates a more well-rounded, full-service production team able to take on larger and more nuanced projects. And, ultimately, their alliance challenges the supremacy of the Klingons in the outer reaches of Federation space1.

Mark Booker has collaborated with Goodfocus and its founder Daniel Stephens for the better part of two decades but this announcement makes it official. Like Daniel, Mark is an award-winning producer and writer but also has made a name for himself as an accomplished actor. He hails from Nebraska where he lives with his wife, Jamie, and their two daughters. All of whom he adores.

Nancy has worked with Goodfocus for the last five years as both a producer and director. She is a Peabody Award winning director/ producer of documentary one- off films and multi-part series. Her work has appeared on HBO, CNN, NBC and CBS, PBS and BRAVO. Before working in documentary television, Nancy was a producer at NBC News for Today, NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw and Sunday Today. Nancy is married to David Michaelis, a writer, and lives in Bedford, New York with a blended family of five children, two dogs, an iguana, and a pig2.

The new Goodfocus team is already hard at work developing the series 26 Words (a quirky etymology based kid’s show), as well as a dramatic series centered around JPL’s Voyager spacecraft, Pale Blue Dot. They continue their social justice/impact work with organizations such as the World Bank, the Red Cross and WeRobotics.


  1. This is, in fact, not true, as we are well aware that the Klingon hold in the outer reaches of Federation space is quite strong. Unless, of course, you are referring to the Next Generation timeline, in which case the Klingons are our friends.

  2. These are only the animals we are aware of. There may be more (including a tika cat3).

  3. The Tika Cat is a well-known Klingon animal living in Klingon space.