In Production/Development

goodfocus currently has numerous projects in various stages of development and production or simply in the wishful thinking category.

26 Words

We have been vigorously cogitating over this project for over six (6) years now and have shot and edited a pilot (ask us for the link - it's pretty spiff) and are now packaging the series for a network. The project is a television series about the history of words - otherwise known as etymology. Each episode features a single word and visually portrays its dance through history and geography to ultimately find itself ingested (often with little fanfare) by our (that is America's) mother tongue. The series feels a bit like Monty Python interspersed with bits of Schoolhouse Rock. It's fun, it's entertaining, it's decidedly irreverent, and with luck, you might just learn a thing or two by watching it.

Designing Change

We have been slowly crafting this story of social change and justice in the heart of rural Alabama since 2009. It is about a small group of young designers who decide they wish to change a small southern town for the better through the universal desire for a good piece of pie and a nice cup of coffee. We would have finished this film a long time ago if it had an ending. But the end has eluded us for years. Until now. There may be an end in sight, though it's not the one we had hoped for so many years ago. We're heading back to Alabama in the Spring of 2018 to revisit the story and the town of Greensboro.

James Taylor - "Before This World" [completed]

Over the last year we have been working (and playing - it's nearly the same thing, truly) on a medium-length documentary following James Taylor as he records his new album. This will be Mr. Taylor's first album of new material since 2002 and it has been a joy to follow him through this process. Our experience on this project has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. The project is now nearly complete and various pieces of it are being released online as well as in stores as part of a deluxe album package in mid June, 2015. Learn more about this project here.