Daniel is all about beautiful light and a compelling story. He is a director of photography for fiction films, commercials, documentaries and music videos as well as a technology-obsessed, life-long geek. He has shot a number of narrative and documentary films and he is a member of the film faculty at Maine Media College where he connects students with stories through the relationship of light to space.

Daniel has a deep love and concern for the environment and the careful balance in which humans exist as part of it. He also believes in the power of education to help enact change in the world and works to combine his love of the environment with his love of visual storytelling, using film to educate, inform and inspire.

Along with Daniel's work at goodfocus, he is also a freelance cinematographer for documentaries, feature films and commercials. His recently released films include the Chad Eddy directed, quirky romantic comedy,  PerfectMatch and the Steve Balderson helmed thriller, The Far Flung Star. Most recently he worked on Steve Balderson's newest, yet to be released film, 'El Ganzo' filmed entirely in Baja, Mexico, and the delightfully talented Elizabeth Spear's 'The Sauce.'